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5 Important Things You Need to Know About Septic Tanks

5 Things to Know About Septic Tanks — Groveland, FL — Rob's Septic Tanks, Inc.According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, over 60 million people in the US use septic systems. This shows that most homeowners treat their wastewater privately.

Septic tanks offer many benefits to property owners. Besides facilitating on-site wastewater treatment, they increase your property’s value, save you money, make your property eco-friendly, and protect your health. However, it is vital to be informed before installing septic systems. The following are key things to know about a septic tank.

1. You Must Have a Permit

You must have a permit to install a septic tank on your property, whether you have a residential or commercial one. But before you apply for the permit, you need to understand all the requirements for installing and maintaining the system.

You should apply for a construction-installation permit at your local government office. You can get the application form online, complete it, and submit it to the office. A local government agent(s) will evaluate your property to determine the right septic system permit for you. Your property must pass the site evaluation to get the permit.

Some factors that can lead to denial of the license include a water table that is too high, a sloppy site, poor soil composition, and very shallow topsoil. Fortunately, the local authority office will give you a list of strategies to make your property eligible for a septic system, depending on your soil type and the site.

2. You Need to Control Wastewater

If you produce too much wastewater, your septic tank will eventually become full, and you will have to pump it. Septic pumping helps prevent issues such as sewage backup, water well contamination, and odor in your property.

The frequency of pump-outs depends on the amount of water usage. Hence, large families that use enormous volumes of water need to pump their tanks more often.

Fortunately, you can reduce the need to pump your septic tank by using water efficiently. For example, you can install water-efficient appliances such as washing machines. Moreover, ensure you use efficient fixtures like faucets and showerheads. The low-flow showerheads and faucets help reduce water wastage.

You should also avoid running water while brushing your teeth and cleaning small piles of clothes in your washing machine. When you reduce your water usage, you can extend the period between septic pump-outs.

3. You Should Ensure Regular Inspections

You should respond quickly to warning signs to prevent damages and costly repairs. The best way to keep tabs on your septic system is by inspecting it regularly.

You need to hire professionals to examine your septic tank for signs like overfilling, loose connections, damaged parts, pipe bursts, or tree roots invasion. This way, you can solve issues earlier. When you work with a reliable inspector, no significant septic issue will go unnoticed.

4. You Need Professional Septic Tank Cleaning

Many homeowners experience septic tank issues usually because they overlook cleaning. You need to clean your tank every three to five years. Due to the risks involved, you need to hire professionals for the task.

The cleaning procedure involves pumping out waste and disposing of the waste into the right facility. The experts will use the right equipment, clean spills, disinfect your property, and guide you on how to prevent septic problems.

5. You Should Be Present During the Installation

You may be tempted not to attend the installation session due to a tight work schedule. However, you should strive to be present during the installation to verify the procedures and consult the experts to help prevent and solve septic problems.

You need to keep these tips in mind before, during, and after septic system installation. Our company offers septic tank installations, inspections, pump outs, repairs, and aerobic treatment units. If you need these services, contact us right away.

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