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4 Reasons to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped Before Autumn

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As the summer winds down and autumn arrives, you may go through many changes as part of your daily routine. If it’s been a few years since you last had your septic tank pumped, then the start of the autumn season is an ideal time to consider the service. Septic tank pumping completely cleans out the tank, getting rid of grease and debris build-up from years before.

In Florida, you do not need to worry about frozen grounds impacting the pump service, but there are several other factors that make the start of autumn an ideal time to have the septic tank pumped. Check out the reasons and how to improve your septic tank.

1. Hurricane Season Impacts

The autumn season in Florida is also known as hurricane season. One of the main concerns with hurricane season and septic tanks is the increase in rain. Heavy rains could change the daily use of drain fields. Excessive amounts of water could prevent a septic tank from draining properly and result in leaked septic water rising to the surface.

Extra pressure and overfilled septic tanks could also cause damage to the tank itself. When you use a pumping service, the septic will be cleared out and allow plenty of space to handle excessive rain waters. Contaminated water in your yard could pose threats to animals, children, and plants.

A pumping service will typically provide clean tank conditions to last through multiple hurricane seasons before another pump is needed. With the septic tank taken care of, you can focus on other needs for your home if a big storm arrives in the area. You do not want to put off septic tank issues before the problem gets out of hand.

2. End of Summer Cleaning

The summer season could introduce a lot of extra elements to your septic tank. If you went to the beach often, then you may have more sand and hair going through your drains. The debris could quickly pile up in a septic tank and leave less room for wastewater.

Summer food options could also end up in the septic tank. Grease from grilled foods like hamburgers, steak, and hot dogs may end up hardening and floating near the top of the septic tank. Eventually, the grease build-up could cause clogs on the outlet pipes. The grease also makes it easy for other debris to get caught on the sides of the septic tank.

The bacteria in a tank will not break down those elements and the impact becomes increasingly worse. Start off fresh for the autumn season with a pumping service. A full tank inspection can also provide details on what elements have impacted your tank the most and what to be aware of in the future.

Tank inspections may include special cameras that go into the tank. A plumber will monitor the video in real-time and move the camera around to see different areas of the tank. A camera method will prevent the need to dig up the whole yard and examine the tank.

3. Extra Guests

Autumn is a common time to have guests over to visit. Examples include football-watching parties, Halloween festivities, and Thanksgiving. In some cases, you could have guests stay for multiple days. The extra guests will impact plumbing use, including excessive water and toilet flushing.

If your tank is not properly drained, a septic tank may not handle the extra use. Tank sizes are made to accommodate the number of people in a home. If you have an unpumped tank and extra guests, then you risk septic tank overfills or possible damage. The last thing you want to worry about is backwater coming up through the pipes if a clog occurs.

Septic pumping will also help when you have to serve and prepare extra foods for guests. Greases and debris are bound to go down the drain and you will want to avoid septic issues for days when you have guests over.

4. Indoor Plumbing Use

Not only will your indoor plumbing get used more by guests, but the amount of water use you have may increase naturally in the fall. Colder days and storms could keep you home more. As children go back to a regular school schedule, they will often be home more and increasing routines like daily showers.

Summer may have also included vacations or extended days away from home. Once you’re back home, the septic tank will have a lot more use. A septic tank pumping will give you a lot of peace of mind as you transition into the new season and your daily habits.

Contact us at Rob’s Septic Tanks, Inc., to schedule a pumping service. Our trained professionals can access your tank, pump everything out, and ensure you have a clean and tank that will last for multiple years before another pump service is needed.

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